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hi this is my music blog
Posted on 27th Nov at 11:11 PM

Adam Green - Baby’s gonna die tonight

Posted on 27th Nov at 11:10 PM

Spizzenergie - Soldier Soldier

Posted on 27th Nov at 11:09 PM

Spizzenergie - Where’s captain Kirk?

Posted on 31st Aug at 3:34 AM, with 1 note

The Sugarcubes - Birthday

Sorry… I’m running low on music since school started 

I’ll try to post more regularly ;(

Posted on 20th Aug at 2:00 PM, with 1 note

His Clancyness - Summer Majestic

Summer songs with the word summer in them. In the summer. HAAhhaha. 

Posted on 17th Aug at 2:29 PM, with 1 note

Malice Mizer - le ciel

Wat is Gackt wearing.

Posted on 17th Aug at 2:21 PM

Malice Mizer - Gardenia

This is really cheezy, but I really like Malice Mizer still, sometimes, on certain days. 

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